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Dr.SunHudYa'll be safe out there In Florida
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Dr.SunHud   created a new thread June 6th Freebie promotions 2017 in the Announcements forum
Dr.SunHudI'm Back bitches....the overtime at work is over. I will be back playing whatever sleazy title ya all are into, for better or worst.
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cowboypilot   see post below
Schmeckerto anyone playin PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds check out this video shows some damage stats of the weapons and armor plus has some tips and tricks!!

MYTHBUSTERS + Damage Stats - Battlegrounds
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mythbusters! Taking a look at ...
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cowboypilot   created a new thread =sBs= BF1 Platoon Active in the 1st Army forum
cowboypilotThe time has come. We can finally represent the clan in BF1. I have created the Official sBs Battlefield 1 Platoon. First, change your Origin name in your EA settings and take off your sBs tag if you have one (yes, the Origin clan tag rebels have finally won >.>). Next, just open up BF1 and go to the Platoon tab, and hit find Platoon. Finally, search SpecializedBFSoldiers and apply. I hope this small transition can be a jump start to motivate us (mainly me) and get us back together as much as humanly possible so we can get back to gaming together in Battlefield and our other games, cause I love yall <3.
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SHOTGUNsniperThe platoon update should be live. Do we have that covered?

cowboypilot   First ive heard about it. Ill create the platoon and invite. The clan tag on your origin name haterz have won.
Schmeckerso as most of you know im building a new pc and while most things were going well i RMAed my Mobo and just got it back today. It seems the mobo is fine and i have just sent in a rma request for my ram hopefully i will have solved the problem soon and will be back to gaming untill then i may not be on too much. i have my old pc setup in my living room for the HTC Vive which is why i havnt been on much recently. i will update everyone once i have word about my ram being bad or not.
Schmecker   got it fixed and im back to gamin boys!!
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Dr.SunHudJust a heads up, over the next few months i will be working 7 days a week. Its an extremely busy time for our company.

Keep up the collective gaming. If there are any questions or probs, Merc, Cowboy, Mace, Dro...Schmeck are around to help out if need be.
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Dr.SunHudHappy Birthday Buddy!
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